Things You Need to Know about Ringworm Infection in Dogs

A common fungal infection that often occurs in the skin of all living species, including cats, dogs, horses and various other animals, ringworm is also known as circle worm. The fungi responsible for this infection take shelter deep inside the stomach and the intestine of both the human beings and animals. Apart from the external symptoms that appear in the skin, the animals might show signs of sores.

The fungus causing the ringworm feed on the dead outer layers of the skin, nail and hair. Gradually,when it starts spreading in the different parts of the body the infections takes a severe form. When the fungal infection gets severe it can cause thousands of other problems in the body starting from allergies to asthma to skin inflammation and immune deficiency. Hence, it is very much important to stop the growth and treat the infection right at the initial stage.

To prevent the ringworm, treating the fungus from the root is very much necessary. If your dog is showing symptoms of ringworm infection, you should take strict care of them to maintain their hygiene. You need to offer pure drinking water and food according to the feeding instructions in clean utensils. It’s better to replace plastic utensils with the stainless steel ones. Before you offer food to your dog, you should properly wash your hands with absolute care. Along with this, there are multiple treatment options available for this infection. However, the treatment of fungal infection, strictly depends on the severity of the symptoms which can range from mild to severe. In case the severity is mild, you can apply some over the counter medicated shampoos or antibiotic pills that can cure the infection. Dechra has an extensive range of medications to deal with fungal infections in dogs.


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