Why a Cat Scratch Post is so Important?

Who doesn’t love the fluffy snowballs to move around the house, meowing in utter love and love you unconditionally, be it to manage their food or to express their affection for you. While we all will agree on this fact, they are irresistibly adorable, we cannot deny that they can be destructive if not provided with alternatives to satisfy their natural instinct of scratching. It’s quite natural for a cat to scratch random things, including our highly expensive furniture or imported carpet.

Scratching is their natural instinct. They scratch to keep their claws sharp as well as to mark their territory. They emit a particular type of smell, which we can’t smell. Alternatively, they can scratch to relieve stress. So, the best thing would be to get them an alternative to continue with their scratching and for this there can not be a better option than scratch post.

You can get a scratch post with a wide base to withstand the pressure of your cat’s body weight. Most of these posts are made of wood and wrapped in rough fabric. The fabric used has a comparatively longer life and can withstand rigorous scratching. Cat posts are available in different varieties, including floor posts, wall posts, but the most appropriate would be the standard pillar style.

You can also get your kitty a cat tree, which helps them to exercise while using the post when needed. To help your kitty grow the habit of using this cat scratch posts, you just need to place it near your cat’s favorite spot. The best place would be the area near sleeping cradle. However, if it does not help, try keeping it in different spots.

You can get  cheap cat scratching posts very easily online from Pet Supplies 4 Less at a great discount price. To enjoy its quick delivery and attractive discounts, place your order today.



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