Common Cattle Disease and their Treatment

Cattle, our dearest friends who support us in our bad times to gain monetary benefits are often affected by fatal diseases like black leg, coccidiosis, brucellosis, and anthrax. All of these diseases spread very fast and sometimes even within a few hours of contamination can cause death of the animals. That’s why the health of the cattle needs to be monitored to diagnose the disease and give appropriate timely treatment.

Whenever you observe symptoms of fever, yellow manure, weakness and inflammation in your cattle, you need to opt for timely treatment. Some of the common cattle diseases are as follows:

Black leg and its treatment

Mostly the young cattle are prone to this disease. This deadly disease leaves the cattle dead after 48 hours if not treated immediately. Cattle can be affected by the bacteria while grazing, since the bacteria that causes the disease remains easily active for a few years in soil. Some of the symptoms of this deadly disease include rapid inhalation, lameness and low appetite. Proper, timely treatment of this disease can save your cattle. The medicine needs to be given under the skin of the cattle, but you need to make sure you are not injecting the medicine in their muscle.


Very often cattle are affected by this disease. It occurs due to a bacteria called Anthracis Bacillus. Cattle affected by this disease show symptoms of weakness, excitement and fever. Apart from this breathing problem is a very commonly found symptom in the anthrax infected animals. This bacteria can kill the cattle within a few hours. To save your cattle from this disease, you need to keep your cattle in a clean and hygiene area.

To save your cattle from these deadly diseases, you need to get them the appropriate cattle vaccines on a regular basis.




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