Why Cat Toys are Important to Your Kitty’s Growth

We all are fond of those plump cats, we see on postcards or those on the greeting cards with jokes about eating all the cake. We call them adorable, right! We want to hug and caress those little souls, but the truth is these fat cats are not at all healthy. Fat cats need a lot of exercise, most indoor cats turn into couch potatoes, if you don’t help them exercise. Most of the indoor kitties don’t want to get involved in exercises unless you help them a bit.

Cat toys are very important to improve your cat’s health. Their natural instinct is to hunt, chase or run after moving things. Unfortunately, indoor cats neither get any flying objects such as birds or butterfly nor they get a chance to hunt. When you get them toys, they prevent your cat’s from boredom and provide entertainment for both cats as well as you.

Some cats grow a liking towards anything that moves whenever they bat or push it, others are fond of toys that move on their own or with the help of batteries. If you go to buy a moving toy for your cat, you can see there are multiple varieties of cat toy mice along with some sophisticated toys that your feline friend can’t resist moving. Another option can be a laser toy that is inexpensive and an interesting way to get attention of your cat. The laser toy emits a red dot that can be moved on the floor. Most of the cats find laser toys very interesting what help to cause an interactive play between the cats and their owners.

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