Benefits of Rawhide for Good Health of your Dog

One of the healthiest and most beneficial welcome treats, rawhide treats are considered to be the best for various reasons. A natural chew for your dearest canines, these chews have been proven beneficial both for dental health and satisfaction of your dog’s natural urge of chewing. Rawhide is collected from the inner layer of the large cleft-hoofed bovine animals. The quality of these chews depends on the animal source and the country they are living in. The inner layer of the bovine animal hides are soft and cut into different shapes and sizes for dog chews.

Animal hides are very flexible because of collagen, the protein contained in the cartilage of the animals and their bone and teeth. When the collagen of the animals is dried, they become stiff. The American variety of rawhide is oven-dried in such a way that they soften when chewed.

Benefits of rawhide

  • Rawhide helps improve dental health by removing plaque and controlling tartar build up. For maintaining healthy gums, they are very helpful. It also controls bad breath, keeps teeth white and reduces the risk of gum problems.
  • Dog chew also stimulates your dog’s mind and entertains them for hours, giving them an opportunity to remain involved in work for hours.
  • Rawhide bones satisfy your dog’s inborn desire of chewing. It also helps you to overcome the destructive chewing habit of both puppies and adult dogs.
  • These bones also control the teething pain of your puppies and stimulate the growth of their adult teeth.

You need to know which rawhide bones are appropriate for your dogs. To be on the safer side, you can buy the ones made in the United States or in other countries which meets the USDA specification. For best bones for dogs you can have a look at the stock of Pet Supplies 4 Less.


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