How to Deal with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs, one of the most social creatures on this earth love their human parents in the most adorable manner. If domesticated, they become the most obedient animal and devote themselves completely to their owners. Adding to this, the typical pet dogs spend a long time of their life with their family members and there is no surprise about the fact that they feel left alone when nobody is around them. Unfortunately, a large section of dogs suffers from separation anxiety. This separation anxiety can be utter destructive and they may get involved in inappropriate chewing, limitless barking, house soiling and even causing self harm.

Separation anxiety can make you feel disgusted when you start receiving complaints from neighbors about  your dog’s unruly behavior. And ultimately it may destroy the human-animal bond completely, which would result in your dog’s abandonment from home or surrender to a shelter.

According to the vets, each case of separation issue is unique. But, in an ideal situation, some of the following or all of the following issues can be seen:

  • Your dog looks distressed the moment you reach to pick up your coat or keys or probably when you turn off the lights.
  • Excess barking after your departure or just before your arrival.
  • The dog salivates before your departure and during your absence
  • The dog does not show signs of interest to play with their favorite toys, when you are not around
  • Once you leave, they start showing their destructive behavior, especially near the entrance
  • The dog constantly keeps following you and demands your attention jumping on you, barking, nudging and scratching at your legs

Helping a dog overcome separation issue is not easy. As a social group oriented animals, dogs need to be taught to spend time alone since the time of their arrival in your family. If you think, any of the aforesaid signs are showing after you are shifted to a new house recently or other signs related to anxiety are rising, you can bring home Adaptil refill.


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