Dealing with Dog Fleas: Here is What You can Do

Dog fleas are irritating and can cause too many health issues that almost every dog owner needs to face at least once in their life time. Dog fleas are not only responsible for causing skin allergies and itching and scratching, but they can infect an entire household and can harm other human and animal habitants too.

The ideal way to deal with dog fleas is to take preventive measures. Dog fleas, as discussed before, will cause a number of health issues for your dog including various worms and skin problems that will demand immediate attention. If you doubt your dog is infected by fleas, you can take following measures to prevent them:

  • Dog flea shampoo: If you could sense your dog is infected with fleas, get a medicated flea shampoo, scrub your dog’s fur and skin, rinse and let it dry. Simultaneosuly, vacuum up your entire household very carefully. Throw the vaccum bag out of your house so that no fleas can get hold of your dog once again.
  • Medication: The most effective prevention technique to stop the outbreak of fleas would be to medicate your dog. Medication will not only ward off fleas, but heartworms, ticks, mites and other irritating parasites as well. If the condition looks out of control, you should consult your vet before administering any medicine.
  • Trim and control grass: If fleas are inside your home, then there is a high possibility that they are outside your house as well. Make sure the grass is cut short and remove all the piled up materials from outside your house. Remember, fleas love to take shelter in dark, moist areas.
  • Get a flea collar: Flea collars can be very helpful to prevent fleas. It remains throughout the day around your dog’s neck keeping your dog protected. For best results you can try flea collar Seresto.

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