When and How You Need to Give A Healthy Dog Treat

The significance of positive reinforcement for behavior modification is widely appreciated worldwide. Positive reinforcement does not necessarily mean offering treats, but in general they are considered the most popular tools for both dogs and their owners. In many cases, dog treats are given to the dogs for training purpose and to reward their good behavior.

When to give treats to the dogs

The ideal time to give treats to the dogs is the time in between meals. Pick up the treat that your dog would love to enjoy. If you are taking help of treats to train your dog, keep it in mind that your treat is not going to work right after or before the meal. Here is a technique you can use to train your dog.

Hold the treat between the first two fingers and thumb and let your dogs sniff to understand that the treat is there. As they start showing interest in the treat, you need to lift the treat above nose height, move it slowly over their head and a little back towards their shoulders. You are doing all these to make them lift their head up, move their shoulders back and automatically lower the bottom of their body to the floor. Now you need to lift your treat a bit more and if they try to jump, take the treats away. Now, take the treat closer to their head. When you notice they are following the treats with their eyes and nose and their butt starts getting closer to the floor, command them to ‘sit’. Here you don’t need to be harsh. You can command them in natural voice.

How to give the treats

You should give treats to your dog only when they are calm and submissive. Never reward them with treats when they are excited. Let them first smell the treat, but always hold it up away from them and wait. If they try to reach the treat jumping, make them understand with your body language, that this is not how they are going to get the treats. After some time, they will understand what they need to do to get the treat. For effective training sessions, you can get them Enisyl-f lysine treats, rich in high protein.


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