Here is What You Should do to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your dearest furry friend in the best possible ways. And nobody can deny the fact that taking care of a pet is way more taxing than taking care of a human baby, because as a human baby grows, it starts communicating about its problems in human language what a pup or kitty fails to do. Our present matter of concern is dog’s ears, so let us talk about them.

Experts advise that you should take out some time every week to examine the ears of your dog for signs of irritation, infection, dirt and parasites. Ideally, these at-home ear exams do not take much time and help you to identify minor issues which you can deal with before they become complex and hard-to-treat.

How to clean ears

Before you start cleaning your dog’s ear, gently rub their belly and praise them with soothing words. This will relax your dog and let them understand that ear cleaning sessions are not that bad. Place a few drops of ear solution such as Ear Ease in your dog’s ears and then massage the base of their ears. If at this point of time, your dogs want to shake their head, let them do, as it will help to loosen the ear wax piled up inside the ears. Now it’s time to lock down a cotton ball in the hemostat and slowly wipe out the ears. Repeat till the time you see a clean cotton ball. Once you are done, do not forget to praise your dog with their favorite treats. Remember, do not clean your dog’s ear too frequently, as overcleaning can upset the natural flora balance of your dog’s ears, which will lead to infections. If you can maintain the routine cleaning sessions once a week, your dog can live happily with healthy ears.


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