Choose Your Cat Treats Wisely

Unlike dogs, cat’s do not obey their masters all the time and they quite love it living an independent life. It is also difficult to train them and make them understand the differences between the good and the bad. But, as a responsible cat owner, you just can’t let them behave according to their own wish. This is when treats come handy. You can read the following tips to understand what treats are the best for your kitty.

Just like you don’t want to compromise with your cat’s meal items, you should be careful enough while choosing the treats. These treats should have combination of nutrients and vitamins, your cat needs to be healthy and energetic. Always look for the ingredient list first before you buy a treat for your cat. You should avoid the treats with high intake of salt and sodium. Keep a close eye on your cat’s activities, after introducing a new treat. If they are drinking too much of water, it is definitely a matter of serious concern and you should change the treats.

While some treats can be beneficial for your cat’s teeth as they help in reducing tartar and plaque and prevent gingivitis, it is always better to consult your vet to get an idea about the best cat treats to prevent any wrong selection. Cats with food allergies need their foods to be monitored the same way their food is, particularly the cats who have severe gastrointestinal or skin reactions to certain foods. Even a small amount of ingredients that your cat is allergic to, can cause reactions. If your cat has any medical condition or is dependent on any special food, you should consult your vet before giving a new treat to them. With proper knowledge of your cat’s requirements, you can make treats at home as well.


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