Here are the Things You Need to Know about Cat Toys

Playing is a must, not only for kittens, but for adult cats too. Cats are athletic animals with wonderful strength and enthusiasm. Their natural instinct is leaping, dashing and jumping. Just because your kitty doesn’t have a real prey to chase, it doesn’t mean they can’t be utter active to act out their inner predator.

Why it is important for cats to play

For a healthy life of your kitty, toys and regular playtime are very important as they provide your cat with a stimulating environment. While they play, they get an outlet for their energy as well as mental and physical stimulation. It is the opportunity to satisfy their instinctual drive of hunting and grow the bonding with you stronger.

What they like to play with

Cats can amuse you with their imaginative power when it comes to play. They don’t need highly expensive dolls – rather even a crumpled paper ball, a pen left on a desktop or a paper spread on the floor can engage your cat in playing. The imagination power of your cat turn almost anything into a wonderful toy and they will run after that to their heart’s content. Cats mostly love to play with light objects that are flickable, such as cork or a cute ping-pong ball which they can swat and then chase.

Cats also love to play with paper bags as they can hide and investigate inside them. For your cat’s safety, remove the handles, so that your cat doesn’t get trapped in them. If a big paper bag chases them, they will get terrified. Empty cardboard boxes are also quite popular amongst cats.

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