Planning to Buy Cat Beds? Here is Your Guide

Although cats love to sleep wherever they feel like – your furniture, your private bed, your guest’s bed, your clothes and so on – you may want your dog to be sleeping in their own bed. Or maybe we can put it this way that you want to spoil her giving yet another delightful choice of sleeping location. Both way these tips will help you understand what options you have and select a bed your cat will love.

Cats are comfort loving animal. So they like to be warm in winter and cool in the summer. Hence, a cup-style cat bed is helpful to curl up and it can also help her to preserve your body heat. You can also avail heated cat beds.

For those kitties who love to sit in dark places and watch the world passing by, a cave type bed works very well. If you are in a warm climate, you can consider getting a pad rather than an insulated bed.

The placement of the cat bed is equally important as it looks and feels like. Try to choose a place which is without traffic, but has a view of household activities. If you have got a portable bed, you can move it depending on the temperature or the time of the day. Some cat beds can be set up at a window perch. A cat bedding should be washable or at least should have a washable cover. Make sure the bed you are choosing has color-safe fabric that will not release color if wet or is washed. Remember! Cat bed should be made of materials that dry quickly so that mold growth can be controlled. If your cat bed has a removable cover, do not forget to buy an extra cover so that you can replace them when washing.


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