How to Prepare a Cat for bathing?

Although it is not that difficult to bathe your cat, but it can be problematic to handle this furry animal once it is wet. Also, if you own a moody kitty, it can be challenging to tackle them and tackle them through the process of bathing. Here are some of the easiest steps to do your job without making any fuss:

  • Trim the claws of your cat: There are chances of your cat getting excited when they are covered in water. So to reduce the intensity of damage they may cause, trim or clip their nails before you take them to bathe. It’s better if you do this a few hours or even a day or two in advance so that they have time to calm down while bathing.
  • Brush your cat: It is necessary to help removing any knots or tangles in the fur, which will be way more difficult and painful to remove once your cat is wet. If your cat loves getting brushed, you can make them feel comfortable when it is in the tub.
  • Buy the right cat shampoo: You can get a variety of cat shampoo from your local store or vet. Do not forget to check if it’s right for your cat and read the instructions carefully. Dilute it with water if needed. Using regular human shampoo not only dries out your cat’s skin but can be toxic to your cat.
  • Make your cat want to bathe: The first thing you should try to do is to tire your kitty, so that they are tired enough to scratch, bite or get away. Choose a time when they are at the calmest mood, especially when they are well fed. If they are still hyper you can get them some toys like cat balls.

Cat bath can be fun if you follow the above steps and your kitty will also love if you do not lose your patience. It is very much necessary for maintaining proper hygiene of your cat and keep them away from various skin diseases.


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