Simple Steps to Brush a Cat’s Teeth

Brushing daily is the best way to save your cat from a series of oral diseases. It also cuts down on the build-up of bacteria. If you have a baby cat at home, you should begin brushing while she is still young. Not just that it helps to acclimatize them to the process of brushing, but it also helps to control dental issues as they mature.

The right way of brushing teeth

You can easily get a cat-sized dental brush at any veterinary clinic or online pet store. The toothbrushes for cats are typically softer, smaller and more flexible than dog’s toothbrushes. You can also opt for a soft, rubber brush that fits over your first finger. Buy a feline toothpaste and never ever use a human toothpaste. Manufacturers are aware of the fact that your cat loves the flavor of fish, so they supply toothpaste with fish flavor for brushing cat’s teeth.

Here are some easy steps to brushing process

  • Hold your kitty in your lap and make them feel comfortable
  • When you realize that they are relaxed, gently raise their lip on one side of their mouth and start brushing on the outer part of their teeth. Make sure you are brushing down away from the gum line so that you be able to loosen any embedded particles and throw them out of the mouth.
  • You may require to open their mouth by gently pinching the two cheeks using two of your fingers. Usually cats open up their mouth once they get to taste the toothpaste.
  • Continue to work your way around the outer part of their teeth on both sides until you succeed in brushing the entire mouth.
  • No need to rinse their mouth as the toothpaste is made to be eaten. Cat toothpaste does not contain any chemical to hurt their tummy. Once you are finished allow them access to fresh water.

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