This Cat Feeder is the Thing You Should Bring Home if You are Travelling

Every time you plan for a trip with your human companion, you look at the calendar and think what is going to happen to your feline companion. After all, with your unrequited love, she has grown up with the habit of feeling hungry only when she hears the sound of kibbles being poured or a can of food being opened. But, the weekend you will not be with her, she will not have food, no matter what quantity is left in the bowl or it can be otherwise, she may just gobble up everything at a go.

It is seen that many American cats are suffering from obesity, especially in the households where the human parents need to be out of home for most of the time. They leave the bowls and topped off with food to graze on the entire day. It’s not that they want to overfeed their pets, but a sense of guilt pushes them to leave something more than the requirement as treat to their kitty. Just imagine, if you are left with a plate of sandwiches on your desk, will you be able to say, no? So, is with your cats.

Fret not! It may sound cliched but it’s true that “where there is a will there is a way”. Before you leave for your destination, bring home certain must have things to make the life of both you and your kitty simple and systematic. To start with get her an Automatic Cat Feeder which is able to fill food and water on its own in regular interval. As per the size of your pet, the feeder automatically dispenses food. The detachable tower is fixed to a wide base to stop scooting and tipping.

The best feature of this automatic cat food dispenser is its way of continuous food flow which allows your cat to eat their fill at a speed they are comfortable with. Remember, if you have more than one cat at home and if at least one of them is aggressive, you may feel lost during the initial days. So, it’s better to get separate feeder for each of them.

Buy this a few days prior to your departure, so that you can understand how exactly your cat is reciprocating to this new food dispenser. If you are impressed by her way of managing food, just pack the bag and enjoy the vacation without any fuss.


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