Go Green! Get Your Dog a Bamboo Bowl

Do you just prefer to refer your canine friend the dearest among all or you really mean it? For past few years, have you ever tried to learn how harmful the plastic bowls can be? I am sure, you know the fact very well, but you are ignoring the fact. The reality is plastic bowls are not totally safe and when scratched can harbor unhealthy bacteria in the crevices. It also emit chemicals like Bisphenal A.

However, there are bowls made of stoneware, silicone, ceramic or for that matter steel. But, unfortunately each of these materials has drawbacks.  Stoneware as well as ceramic contain lead, while silicone made utensils are also not very trustworthy. However, it is only the stainless steel which is free of any of this chemical reaction. But, are we smart enough to detect which one is stainless? Hence, the idea of feeding your dog in bamboo dog bowl can be just appropriate.

Bamboo bowl resembles the plastic ones due to its polished look, but contains nothing harmful like plastic. These bowls are mainly made from bamboo and cooked rice husks – all renewable resources. One does not have to be worried about the durability of this bowl as it will last as long as a plastic bowl does.

If you are being finicky about the cleanliness of the bowl and getting late for work, you can simply clean it using any dishwashing bar. To add your dog’s excitement, the bowls are available in multiple colors. Unlike plastic it does not scratch or get any crevices, so the chances of inviting bacteria is very low in case of bamboo bowls.

But the best thing about bamboo bowl is its 100% biodegradable and does not add to the pollutants. So, you can buy multiple color pieces without feeling guilty about affecting nature.


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