The Reason Why You Need to Worry About Fleas and Ticks

Just imagine, your dearest little friend is taking rest near the fireplace after a daylong working, playing catch and sniffing across the bushes and suddenly it starts feeling restless. Probably the poor fellow was dreaming of some good games and now he is scratching all across his body. You start thinking what’s wrong. It’s time you examine your dog closely for fleas and ticks.

Why ticks and fleas are harmful?

Not just inconvenience, they can actually negatively impact the well being of your cats and dogs. Both fleas and ticks can serious discomfort to the pets along with their effecting their human partners.

Flea Issues

These are wingless, jumping parasites which leave deeply itchy bites every time it sucks blood. Even though the pets can’t express their irritation, their restlessness makes it apparent how disturbed they are. If it is left untreated, it can leave irritated patches of skin on your pet. If the number of fleas and ticks fed on your dog is too high, your dog may start suffering from anemia. Fleas can cause ailments like cat scratch fever and tularemia which is able to cause symptoms like fever, lethargy and weight loss.

Tick Foes

The diseases caused by tick varies from region to region. Mostly they infect dogs with anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, and sometimes-fatal Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Some ailments caused by tick carry a waiting period. Thus after being bitten by females of certain species of ticks, your dog may face trouble while breathing, chewing or swallowing. It is called Tick Paralysis which is not caused by any disease organism but a toxin released by the tick itself.

How to remove fleas and ticks

There is an array of fleas and ticks preventive products which can help you to save your dog from the painful bites of fleas and ticks. Adams Flea & Tick Spray is one of the most effective flea and tick preventives which kills all stages of the flea life cycle for up to two months. This spray by Adams Flea & Tick also kills mosquitoes that carry disease.   


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